Roof Windows


VELUX design roof windows for all types of buildings and all types of functions.

We also supply Fakro roof windows

Centre-pivot roof windows

Velux Centre-pivot roof window • Easy opening and closing with the top control bar

• Safe to clean the outside pane by rotating the sash 180°

• Room for furniture beneath the roof window

VELUX roof windows are designed with top operation. A centre-pivot roof window is easy to operate even with furniture placed directly under it. And without compromising the easy operation, you can install it lower than an equivalent bottom operated window to get an excellent view both when standing and when seated.

Top-hung roof window

Velux Top-hung roof window • Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom

• The window opens outwards for an unobstructed view

• Great panoramic view

Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, we recommend this roof window for loft conversions where the window is in easy reach. Get a panoramic view and a feeling of being outside.


High quality materials and state of the art production techniques enable FAKRO to ensure excellent quality control and create durable, safe and functional roof windows that, together with their unrivalled insulation properties, are breaking new ground in roof window design and construction.

Fakro Centre Pivot WindowFakro Centre Pivot Window (Exterior)Centre Pivot

Pivot windows are the basic type of roof window. They ensure a flow of fresh air and allow light into the room. These windows open only in a centre pivot method and can be rotated through 180 degrees and this function is used when cleaning the outer pane or operating the awning blind.

Fakro Top Hung and Pivot WindowTop Hung and PivotFakro Top Hung and Pivot Window (Exterior)

Top hung and pivot windows allow light and fresh air into the room, ensure unobstructed access to the window and a wide view to the outside through the open window. They can be opened in two ways:
• the outward opening function from 0 to 35 degrees enables an easy approach to the window and a wide view
• the centre pivot function is used for cleaning and also operating the awning blind

Fakro Escape WindowEscape WindowsFakro Escape Window (Schema)

The side hung window enables safe and easy access to the roof and also acts as an escape window. It increases light in the room and allows fresh air into the room. The escape window is available in two versions right opening or left opening; the sash can be opened to 90 degrees.

Other Fakro Roof Windows

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