Lafarge CementWe stock a range of Lafarge packed cements suitable for all general building purposes, available from stock.



We also stock Hanson bagged products (see below).

General Purpose Cement

Lafarge General Purpose CementGeneral Purpose Cement is suitable for most general purpose applications.

Grey in colour, consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria in BS EN 197-1. Compatible with admixtures such as air-entraining agents and workability aids.

Trial mixes are recommended to determine the optimum mix proportions.


Lafarge HydralimeHydrated Lime - Hydralime is a quality-assured BS EN 459-1 CL 90-S hydrated lime, with independent third party certification and carries CE marking.

Improvements to Portland Cement Mortars & Renders - Hydralime is used to improve the plasticity, cohesiveness and water retention of Portland cement mortars and renders.

Versatility - Hydralime may be used with Procem, Mastercrete, General Purpose Cement, Ferrocrete, Snowcrete and Sulfacrete.


Lafarge SnowcreteSnowcrete is a white cement which complies with BS EN 197-1 providing attractive and durable visual concrete, rendering and mortars.

Quality assured with independent third party certification and carries a CE Mark.

Snowcrete is white in colour and does not contain any white pigments or additives.


Lafarge Sulfacrete CementSulfacrete is a Portland-fly ash cement with a high sulfate resistance and a moderate heat of hydration conforming to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/B-V 32,5R.

Reduce Sulfate Attack - Reducing damage to concrete, mortar and grout exposed to sulfate attack and minimising the risk of alkali silica reaction.


Hanson bagged products:

Postfix® Concrete

Hanson Postfix® ConcreteHanson Postfix® is formulated to produce good quality concrete for setting all types of posts, including: Fence posts, Gate posts, Pergolas and Garden lighting

Easy to use – just add water. Saves time – quick and convenient. Economic – less waste than some other methods.

One bag is sufficient to support a post in a hole measuring 250mm x 250mm x 350mm.

Sand & Cement Mortar

Hanson Sand & Cement MortarHanson Sand and Cement Mortar is a general purpose mortar. Ideal for patching, rendering, brick laying, pointing and general repairs.

Hanson Sand Cement Mortar is a Category M5 mortar, CE marked against BS EN 998-2 specification for mortar for masonry, and contains not more than 35% Regen GGBS as total cementitious content.

Kiln Dried Sand

Hanson Kiln Dried SandHanson Kiln Dried Sand is specifically produced for brushing in between the joints of block paving to prevent lateral movement of the blocks.

A washed sand conforming to BS EN 13139:2013 Aggregates for mortar.
Typical moisture content 7.5%.

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